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Gossip Girl: Hollywood Whore [Preview]

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Stills from Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" video

'Green Lantern' Really, Really Loves Visible Musculature!!

It's not just Ryan Reynolds who will have visibly striated muscle in Martin Campbell's Green Lantern film: Abin Sur will too, apparently. /Film got this look at the bizarre effigy from Comic Con, where it was revealed that a creative decision has been made to seemingly remove the skin from Green Lantern's alien mentor. At least he's modest.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Julia Stiles talks about Dexter

Showtime remains tight-lipped about what's going down in the upcoming season of "Dexter," but recently cast Julia Stiles ("10 Things I Hate About You") opened up -- if only a tad -- about her new role and what drew her to the series.

"I watch a lot of shows on HBO and Showtime," Stiles tells the New York Times, "but I was sort of reluctant about working on one -- until 'Dexter' came along, because I also really love the way that they've set up these guest actors. There's always a really interesting arc that a guest needs to do."

It doesn't hurt that she comes on the heels of the series' most-praised guest to date. John Lithgow took home a Golden Globe for his supporting turn as the trinity killer, and that same role recently earned him an Emmy nomination for guest actor.

So will Stiles follow in his serial killer footsteps or might she provide some post-Rita love interest for newly widowed Dexter? It's still up in the air. But what we do know is that the character's name is Lumen, and she's described as "psychologically and physically damaged." Her introduction to the cast presents Dexter with a dilemma -- which sounds like it has love interest written all over it.

For now, the TV newbie just seems excited by the idea of playing a character over the course of a season. "In a weird way it reminds me of the making of the 'Bourne' movies," she says. "The script is always changing, so you might shoot a scene and then all of a sudden you are handed pages, and you have to memorize your lines really quickly. It's like acting in a vacuum a little bit. There's a different kind of challenge, but part of me really likes it."

You can catch Julia on "Dexter" when season 5 premieres September 26.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tom Felton to sing

We don’t yet know the details of Tom Felton’s new contract with record label Six String Productions, but, really, does it matter? Draco Malfoy is singing, here. And for the record, everything about that is righteous.

Felton is already an accomplished musician, having released bunches of folky-pop love songs on YouTube that are -- again, for the record -- adorable (so adorable we've embedded one after the break). There are scant few details about what kind of album Felton will release, other than the fact that he’s releasing it. But if Felton’s earlier recordings are any indication, we’re probably looking at an acoustic-guitar-centric, singer-songwriter groove.

Which is fine, really. It is. But if Felton doesn’t throw in at least one campy cover of a Beatles tune or a protest ballad, he’s missing a key opportunity.

Hollywood boasts a long history of actors from other massive franchises who have segued into music careers, but who have gone in a very different direction. We speak, of course, of camp.

By way of example: Brent Spiner’s "Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back," William Shatner’s cover of "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" and Leonard Nimoy’s rendition of "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins." Now, those guys all came out of "Star Trek," of course, and that’s sci-fi, not fantasy, but still, it’s genre, and it’s a fanboy favorite, and it’s close enough for our purposes.

All of the above efforts may not be the most serious examples of professional music-making, but we heart them. Heart them almost as much as we heart the idea of Draco Malfoy singing.

If Draco Malfoy wants to record only happy romantic guitar ballads about how he got his favorite girl to leave her cellphone at home -- and he has -- that’s awesome. But if he were to, say, fold in a campy song or two about space, or dragons, or unicorns, or -- as Shatner chose to do -- "Mr. Tambourine Man," that too would not go unthanked.

Roman Polanski makes first public appearance!

Director Roman Polanski, freed this week after Switzerland refused an U.S. extradition request, made his first public outing Saturday to see his wife perform at the Montreaux Jazz Festival.

High security prevented the media from getting close to the 76-year-old film director as he arrived to attend Emmanuelle Seigner's concert with festival founder Claude Nobs in a 4x4 with tinted windows.

Polanski had been under house arrest pending the U.S. demand, refused Monday, for him to be sent to California to face justice for unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

The director stayed out of sight throughout the concert, which Seigner began with the theme from Polanski's 1968 cult classic "Rosemary's Baby," in the only reference to her husband in the performance in the small town by Lake Leman.

Earlier Polanski had said he maintained "a great friendship for Switzerland and above all ... for its people who solidly supported me," in an interview with Swiss television, to be broadcast Saturday night.

"I do not know what I am going to do next," the Oscar-winning filmmaker said, according to the transcript of the interview on the website of Television Suisse Romande.

"For the moment, I am happy to be free."

The French-Polish director of "The Pianist" and "Chinatown" said his son Elvis had cut the electronic bracelet he had worn throughout his house arrest in Gstaad, adding that he "could easily have escaped but I never wanted to."

Polanski said he would return to Gstaad, the millionaires' playground in southeastern Switzerland where he has a luxury chalet, and thanked its inhabitants for bringing him flowers, wine and support.

He also thanked those who defended him, despite the controversy over his case, and his wife and children, "without whom I would never have succeeded in keeping my dignity and perseverance."

Polanski has not returned to the United States since 1977, when he fled after making a plea bargain in the child sex case. His last film, "The Ghost Writer," was set in the United States but filmed on location in Germany.


Spencer Pratt: I Chose Fame over Heidi

Spencer Pratt always has some strange new ploy for attention up his sleeve – but not his split from wife Heidi Montag.

That, he says, despite the fact that nobody has seen divorce papers and family and Hills castmates are skeptical, is the real deal.

"We love each other but I'm a famewhore and I'll never grow out of it." Pratt tells PEOPLE. "[Heidi] knows that and doesn't want that."

"I want every kind of press," he says. "She believes in bad press. There's no way my love for fame and her love for puppies will ever work out successfully. She just wants to hike and hang out and be calmer."

As for their infamous "Speidi," moniker, Pratt says his estranged wife "doesn’t want to be Speidi anymore. She wants to be Heidi Montag: the sex symbol."

"She thought I'd burn out of this, but no, I'm still the same Spencer who went on The Hills to be famous," he says. "I still need to do stunts and take cues from Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise.

Pratt, who mentions he and his ex are "friendly," says Speidi trouble is nothing new. "It's been a constant battle since we got married," he says. "She would be like, 'Are you really Tweeting that? Are you really doing that?'"

So what's next for the limelight-loving reality personality?

When fighting cyber crime fell through, Pratt says he decided to grow a beard and turn to art. "I'm switching it up," he says. "I've already gone for the blonde, spiky-haired look. Now I'm going for the Hollywood producer look."

Continues Pratt: "I'm an artist now. I have an easel and everything. I'm going for an art show and a gallery."

Friday, July 16, 2010

Victoria Beckham Didn't Like Gaga's Style

However She Thinks It's 'Getting Better'

Victoria Beckham has been discussing Lady Gaga and claimed that she was not initially a fan but is warming to the outrageous star.
Beckham said: "I adore the American '40s look. And I love modern pop - I am a gay man in a woman's body, so God supposes I should love singers like Lady GaGa.

"It's complicated, on the one hand I wouldn't like to have all her songs on my iPod and listen to them over and over. On the other hand, I admire the Lady GaGa phenomenon."

She added: "At first I didn't like her or the way she dressed. Now she is working with designers and wearing couture clothes.

"Bit by bit she is finding her image and it's nice to see it as she is undoubtedly talented girl."
And that ladies and gentlemen, is praise indeed.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Katy Perry's pimple-packed face

Katy Perry gets paid millions of dollars to promote the Proactiv Solution skin-care line – and fortunately for her, she gets paid whether or not she's got a zit-free face.

When the "California Gurls" singer headed to the gym on Monday in Los Angeles, photographers caught a glimpse of the singer's pimple-packed face.

Although Perry tried to cover her mug with a baseball cap and aviator sunglasses, she couldn't hide the nasty breakout around her mouth and chin.

On her way back from the gym, the 25-year-old stopped off at the skin-care shop Ole Henriksen Face/Body, reported the Daily Mail.

Since hitting it big two years ago with her hit single, "I Kissed a Girl," the "Hot 'N Cold" singer has been candid about her struggle with acne.

"I got acne at the start of my career -– it was a stressful time," she told Cosmopolitan UK last May.

The star's skin soon cleared up, and she was tapped as the new spokeswoman for Proactiv in January.

However, Perry still struggles with her skin.

"One [of my insecurities is] that I have acne scars," she told the mag. "I'm self-conscious about that, so sometimes I wear too much makeup to cover them up."

And sometimes, as her new photos show, she doesn't wear enough.

In her Proactiv commercial, Perry said, "When you suffer with acne blemishes, you don't feel very free."

Poor Perry must feel like she's on lockdown.


Nick Jonas is Not Dating Lucie Jones

The rumor mill is a never-ending cycle of hear-say, and Nick Jonas has recently found himself in the middle of a relationship rumor.

After being spotted out together, his “Les Miserables” co-star, Lucie Jones, tweeted, "Hey everyone ... just wanted to clear up a rumor - there's nothing romantically happening between nick and I guys!"

She added, "He's a great friend but nothing more. Hope you're all well, love you guys!"

Chiming in on the topic as well, the JoBro said, "The story about me dating both my costars Samantha Barks AND Lucie Jones is untrue," he wrote. "I love and respect the people I work with very much."

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Robert de Niro in Machete and some other actors

Guess who is making an appearance on Degrassi

Jay Manuel in the 'Degrassi' movie: EW exclusive sneak peek at two of our favorite Canadian things
by Jennifer Armstrong

We admit it: We're suckers for all things Degrassi and Top Model. Oh, and all things Canadian (Alanis Morissette, universal health care, Bachelorette scandals). So we're particularly looking forward to The Heat Is On, this summer's Degrassi movie event airing July 19 on TeenNick, in which the angsty Canadian high schoolers lighten up and take a trip to Manhattan - where they meet up with Top Model's Jay Manuel (who's also Canadian!). Here, after the jump, an exclusive sneak-peek clip in which Holly J. (Charlotte Arnold) encounters Mr. Jay before her first day at her summer internship at a place that looks startlingly like MTV (but is apparently called TVM - totally different).



IDRIS ELBA covered EBONY MAGAZINE for their August issue. He's promoting his movie TAKERS, which stars T.I. Chris Brown, Michael Ealy, and more.

Is Mel Gibson Mentally Ill or Maybe Just a Jerk?

Listening to Mel Gibson's latest round of recorded rants begs a number of questions, one bigger than any other:

What is wrong with this guy?

He growls. He pants. He demands oral sex and threatens to burn down a house. Instead of apologizing for allegedly breaking the teeth of his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva (while she was holding their 8-month-old child, no less), he says she deserved it.

He hurls insults so vile, he makes Ari Gold's tirades sound like sweet nothings. Could mental health issues be to blame?

In the 2008 documentary "Acting Class of 1977," Gibson revealed he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. "I had really good highs but some very low lows," Gibson said. "I found out recently I'm manic depressive."

Gibson was interviewed for the documentary by one of his National Institude of Dramatic Art classmates in 2002, four years before his 2006 DUI arrest, in which he spat anti-semitic slurs that he later said were "blurted out in a moment of insanity." He's rarely brought up his bipolar diagnosis since.

Now, in the wake of Gibson's leaked phone conversations with Grigorieva, and with the Los Angeles Police Department investigating possible domestic violence charges against him, his mental condition could be of mammoth importance. Medical experts agreed that without examining Gibson firsthand, it's impossible to verify whether or not he's bipolar. But doctors say his recorded rants point to mental health issues as well as alcohol abuse, a demon Gibson has dealt with throughout his life.

"Based on what we're seeing with these episodes of rage followed by apparently normal periods in between, that could be a classic symptom of bipolar disorder," said Dr. Dale Archer, a psychiatrist who founded The Institute for Neuropsychiatry in Lake Charles, Louisiana. "Bipolar can lower your impulse control, and if you couple that with the fact that he has had this longstanding substance abuse problem, absolutely, that could lead someone to go off on a rant like this."

But psychologist Melody Anderson believes that Gibson's latest tirades don't bear the hallmarks of bipolar behavior.

"Usually in a manic episode, the conversation is very rapid. Words come together very quickly. Listening to that tape, the way he's speaking, he's sounding out those curses," she said. "It sounds a lot more like a sociopathic kind of personality, and those are people with absolutely no remorse and no ability to have sympathy for someone in pain."

Anderson also questioned Grigorieva's mental state and the authenticity of the recordings. In the majority of the recordings released by RadarOnline, Grigorieva sounds calm and detached. Gibson's rants, filled with obscenities -- "You need a f*****g bat in the side of the head," "You need a f*****g soul," "You're a f*****g whore -- now, I own you" -- barely seem to phase her.

"Most people would get off that phone or be screaming hysterically," Anderson said. "There's none of that here. It's almost like she's dead emotionally. Whether she's traumatized or whether this is scripted, she does not respond like any woman who I have worked with who has gotten these kind of terrifying calls."

Shia LaBeouf and Rosie on the "Transformers 3" set

Getting down to business on their new film, Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley were spotted shooting scenes for “Transformers 3” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin yesterday (July 13).

Covert Affairs 1.02 Promo

I watched it yesterday night, of course, and I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. The cinematography is unlike any other USA Network show — okay, maybe excluding White Collar. I can't wait for next Tuesday.

Credits: flowerings

Lindsay Lohan: ‘I’ll Kill Myself Before I Go To Jail!’

Lindsay Lohan would rather kill herself than be locked away in jail. The 24-year-old actress is reportedly so upset over the 90 day jail sentence looming over her since July 6, that she’s threatening to take her own life.

“She just kept repeating, ‘I can’t go to jail,’ and, ‘I’ll kill myself first,’” a source tells Star magazine. “She’s mentally unstable and getting worse.”

After Lindsay’s discovered she’d be serving time at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif., Star reports she went home and broke everything in sight.

“She ran around breaking mirrors, cutting herself and rambling like a lunatic. She tore her house apart before she finally just broke down,” reveals a source. “Lindsay’s on a 24/7 suicide watch, it’s so bad. She isn’t doing well with this.”

Not only is Lindsay going around saying she wants to kill herself but she’s taking a lethal dose of prescription drugs.

“She has been doctor shopping across the country,” she says. “She is utterly unable to control her use of any mind-altering substance.”

Rihanna ‘Goes On Lavish Shopping Spree’

The 22-year-old singer spent several hours in a luxury department store in Beverly Hills last week searching for presents for her boyfriend, baseball player Matt Kemp. She found several designer items for Matt, and even more for herself, and ended up needing help taking all her purchases back to her waiting car.

“Rihanna went to Barneys in Beverly Hills, where she spent over $45,000 on herself and $15,000 on things for Matt. He got an Armani suit, Prada shoes and a Goyward bag, among other things,” an insider told British magazine More!

“Rihanna loves to shop and she buys stuff for Matt all the time.”

Rihanna started dating Matt earlier this year. They have been on separate continents for most of their romance, with Rihanna touring in Europe and Matt training in Los Angeles.

Despite their long-distance relationship, the couple are closer than ever, and friends say they are the “real deal”.

“What they have is real and solid and it’s tender,” a friend said. “They have grown into being best friends and lovers. He treats her like a princess. It was really hard for her to open up after what happened with Chris Brown, but Matt made her feel safe enough to love him.”

Rihanna split from Chris last year after he assaulted her.

Kylie Minogue says she's inspired by Lady Gaga

Kylie Minogue has admitted her new album Aphrodite was partly inspired by Lady Gaga.

The Australian singer has opened up about the effect the Poker Face performer’s distinctive style has had on the direction of popular music.

“Lady Gaga dropped a meteor in the middle of the pop landscape - which is amazing,” the 41 year-old said.

“But it meant that we had to take that into account. It wouldn’t have made any sense to go down that road to try to fit in.”

The chart topper also revealed that despite more than 20 years as a performer, reading bad reviews is a painful experience.

“It cuts like a knife if I read a bad review. But in the end, how the album is received by the press won’t make any difference to me - I’d still come back,” Minogue told Out magazine.

The star also confessed that despite being known for her sexy style, she does not think she is much of fashion trendsetter, labelling herself 'untrendy'.

Marion Cotillard on Craig Ferguson

Promoting her new movie "INCEPTION" which is out this week!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

90210 Scoop! Which Studly Character Is Revealed To Be Gay?

Take a good look at the photo up top. One of the three studmuffins—okay, two studmuffins and one very handsome young man—will come tumbling out of the closet on 90210 this fall.

And this isn’t some sort of angst-fueled, bi-curious sweeps arc a la Adrianna’s season 2 flirtation with Rumer Willis. We will learn that the straight acting character in question—let the record show that we’re referring to Matt Lanter’s recovering rebel Liam, Michael Steger’s smart and tenderhearted Navid, and Trevor Donovan’s tennis pro Teddy—is actually gay.

How can I be so sure? Well, for starters, one of the show’s producers is confirming it. “We want to address the issue in a real and relatable way,” says co-EP Jennie Urman, who says the coming out plot is but one of several “great storylines” fans can look forward to in season 3.

Ray Bradbury: Mel Gibson Too Busy with 'Russian Girl' to Adapt Fahrenheit 451

You know who are awesome? Old people are awesome. Especially old, brilliant, prolific artists who don’t give a damn what inside information they drop in public — or how they drop it. Take Ray Bradbury, the legendary 89-year-old author whose Fahrenheit 451 film rights belong to...Mel Gibson. Awkward! And of course Bradbury has a funny (if brief) story about it, which he recently shared via Skype with a crowd in Chicago.

The interview comes from Sunday’s Siskel Center screening of Francois Truffaut’s 1966 Fahrenheit adaptation. Bradbury knows as well as the rest of us that we’ll never see Gibson’s version in his or probably any of our lifetimes, and his pragmatic status report might honestly be the most palatable fallout to date from the whole Gibson/Grigorieva horror show. Thanks for keeping it real, Ray.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Will Sookie Choose Bill or Eric?

If you're like me, your Fourth of July was marred by the fact that there was no new True Blood to savor. The show returns Sunday night with the fourth episode of season 3, "9 Crimes," and the preview offers some excitement, mostly surrounding a steaming hot Sookie-Eric kiss.

First, here's the official description of the episode:

"Sookie joins Alcide at a raucous engagement party for his former fiancee, Debbie Pelt; Eric is given a deadline to locate Bill; Andy gets a promotion and draws Jason's attention; Franklin takes Tara on a road trip; Arlene is irked by Jessica's arrival at Merlotte's; Sam brokers a deal with Tommy and his parents; Bill "procures" dinner for Russell and Lorena."

A werewolf engagement party could be cool as does the comedic potential of Jessica and Arlene interacting. Check out the video preview:

Here are my first thoughts:

Something tells me Sookie won't accept Bill telling her to stop looking for him, and I'm equally suspicious of her seduction of Eric. Unlike most fans, Sookie doesn't seem to realize how much better Eric is than Bill.

It looks like Jason will blackmail Andy to become a cop. That's usually not a good start for a career.

Why can't Tara find a decent man? She was hung up on Jason, she got it on with Sam even though she knew he had feelings for Sookie, then she started dating Maryann's puppet Eggs, now she's being taken on a wild ride with a vampire? Poor girl.

I'm most excited for the werewolf engagement party. We've spent two years getting to understand the vampire culture and yet we know nothing about the were community, so this could help flesh it out.

What are you most excited about for this episode of True Blood?

SOURCE: buddytv

Hot NEW Teaser Trailer: 'The Social Network'

What do you think of the new teaser trailer for 'The Social Network'? I'm still wondering how they're going to make a full movie about the creation of Facebook!

This trailer includes the new Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield (who I think we'll be seeing a lot more of :)

Are you interested in this movie?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lindsay Lohan may get $1 Million Dollars for post-jail interview

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly angling for $1 million for her first post-jail interview, and going to prison could end up boosting sales of her clothing line, too. "Financially, it's the best thing that could have ever happened to Lindsay."

Lately, Lindsay's main sources of income have been paid appearances and tweeting for cash, which pay no more than a few thousand a pop. But jailhouse confessions? Those are really worth something. Paris Hilton was reportedly offered $1 million for hers. (But ultimately gave it away for free to Larry King.) Popeater's Rob Shuter reports,

"Expect to see a major TV and magazine deal," a source close to Lindsay tells me. "Lindsay might have made a lot of mistakes, but she knows how much her first interview is worth. She won't even consider offers of less than $1 million."

Of course, they won't literally be paying for the interview—as is de rigueur for American checkbook journalism, she will technically be paid for some sort of primary material (video confessionals?) so the interview can remain "unpaid."

Meanwhile, Women's Wear Daily's Marcy Medina reports that retailers are stocking up on apparel from Lindsay's 6126 leggings line.

"Lindsay has mind share right now, so people will be interested to see what the merchandise looks like," said Jeff Vansinderen, a senior retail analyst at B. Riley & Co. "Times are tough right now in the retail environment and if I'm a retailer, I'm going to put the merchandise out there and try to sell it."

"This is a hard incident, and we don't know how the consumer is going to react," said Fraser Ross, owner of Kitson stores, who ordered about $15,000 worth of 6126 apparel for this month. He acknowledged that Lohan could get out of jail in as few as 23 days "as the clothes are hitting stores and there will be interest in her."

Once she has all her post-prison money, LiLo can blow it all on a massive coke bender, go to jail for that, give more interviews and reap more profits, and—whoops! Looks like we've fallen into a vortex of infinite regression, degradation, and debauchery. This process is also known as "show business."

SOURCE: Gawker

Monday, June 21, 2010

Miley and her BF are back in the USA

Looking completely exhausted after a Toronto to Los Angeles flight, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were spotted at LAX on Monday (June 21).

The “Party in the USA” singer unexcitedly signed one autograph and was clearly not her usual self as she and her “Last Song” beau and mother Tish made their way through the terminal amongst the media frenzy.

James Franco to Appear on The View

It looks like we're going to be getting two times the Franco on the day he makes his return appearance to Port Charles. On Wednesday, June 30th, you can catch James Franco making his first-ever appearance on The View. Then, catch him on General Hospital as murderous artist Franco returns and Jason and Dante have to form an uneasy alliance to take him down.

The ladies of The View will have no shortage of discussion topics with James. In addition to his work on General Hospital, James is appearing in the upcoming films Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts and the indie drama Howl.

But of highest importance is what James has to say about GH and the wild ride Franco is taking Port Charles on this summer. What kind of dish are you looking forward to from him?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Miley Cyrus Performs CAN'T BE TAMED at the MuchMusic Awards!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Victoria Beckham wants to gain weight! LOL

She's prided in herself for being skinny all the time. I don't find this believable.

Victoria Beckham is on a waistline-expanding diet in a bid to get pregnant.

The former Spice Girl - who already has three sons, Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, seven, and five-year-old Cruz, with her soccer superstar husband David - wants to add a daughter to her family and has taken up a new eating plan loaded with carbohydrates to achieve her dream.

The 35-year-old star - who is known to predominantly eat fresh fruit and vegetables and steamed fish to maintain her slender figure - has been munching on pasta dishes, brown bread, rice and meals which include potatoes.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "It's no secret Victoria and David want a little girl. She's been told by docs her diet, though healthy, would not give her the best chance of conceiving, particularly in her 30s.

"Instead she has been advised to eat a lot more carbs and fatten up. She has agreed and David is over the moon."

Although Victoria has agreed to overhaul her diet to conceive again, she won't be gorging on any foods which are too calorie laden.

The source added: "She draws the line at junk food."

In February, it was reported Victoria had become broody for a baby girl after her younger sister Louise announced she was expecting her fourth child.

A source close to the family said at the time: "Louise has just told everyone she is expecting and Vic has immediately become broody. She and David have always wanted a girl. He'd love more kids."


Jake Gyllenhaal hot and single at Wondercon

The ever gorgeous looking hunk Jake attended the Wondercon to promote his new movie "Prince of Persia".

Friday, April 2, 2010


I love tonight's episode! It made me scream! Can't wait for next week's episode.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Lady Gaga Picture

This picture was tweeted from her twitter. I love her new song TELEPHONE but the video was a bit strange.

Worst Mom of the Year

Actually I think she deserves to win the WORST MOM OF THE YEAR for the past 10 years.

She's ridiculous. Lindsay had so much potential but her mom had to ruin it. Don't get me started with the dad.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Britney Spears in West Hollywood!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

The Hurt Locker Schools An Education, Avatar at Brit-Snubbing BAFTAs

Let's just say, the Avatar braintrust may be blue in more than appearance—while they spent this awards season as the kings of the world, they apparently couldn't hold a candle to the queen, as it was Kathryn Bigelow and The Hurt Locker which bested all comers, taking home a leading six BAFTA awards, including Best Film and Director.

"I would like to dedicate this to the cause of never abandoning the hunt to find a resolution for peace," an emotional Bigelow said.

James Cameron's epic adventure in motion capture ended up losing most, but not all, of its awards season momentum tonight, taking home just two technical prizes at the Orange British Academy Film Awards.

Neither, as per usual, went to the movie's stars. The leading and supporting acting honors instead went to A Single Man's Colin Firth (somewhere Jeff Daniels has broken into a sweat), An Education's Carey Mulligan, Inglourious Basterds' Christoph Waltz and Precious' Mo'Nique, respectively.

And at least three out of four of them seemed quite pleased.

"Supporting actor?" Waltz asked upon taking the podium. "Supported actor. No Quentin, no Inglourious Basterds. No Quentin, no Colonel Landa. No Quentin, no Christoph at the BAFTAs."

Or, incidentally, Oscars, for which Waltz is fast becoming the frontrunner and which take place just two Sundays from today.

Mo'Nique presumably felt similarly, though we'll never truly know, seeing as how she decided to skip tonight's ceremony. Precious' director Lee Daniels didn't, however, and accepted the award on her behalf.

Meanwhile, in its quest to effectively close the Pandora's box of Avatar's gold statue domination was The Hurt Locker, which took home the Best Original Screenplay award, among others. The nod is notable not only because it's one of the night's more prestigious prizes, but because none other than Robert Pattinson had the honor of handing out the award.

For those keeping track at home, and we assume that's plenty of you, it was quite the night for Twi-hards, as Kristen Stewart was also on hand to pick up her fan-determined Orange Rising Star Award. As if her competitiors stood a chance. And no, she didn't forget you.

"I have to thank all the fans of Twilight, for being the most devoted and attentive fans ever," she said.

Meanwhile, An Education, for all its homegrown talent—and tie with Avatar for receiving the most nominations heading into tonight—well, let's just say it played well with others, but failed to reach its true potential.

It missed out on the night's expected lock (other than the Special Visual Effects award, which for the purposes of this awards season may as well be renamed the James Cameron Prize), as Best British Film. Mulligan, it's ingénue turned venerable leading lady, ended up scoring the only award for the film, with her Leading Actress win.

As for other notable winners, the Outstanding Debut award went to Moon director Duncan Jones, a man not short on lineage: His father is David Jones, perhaps better known to pop culture enthusiasts by his stage name, David Bowie.

Here's the complete list of winners for the Orange British Academy Film Awards:

• Best Film: The Hurt Locker
• Leading Actor: Colin Firth, A Single Man
• Leading Actress: Carey Mulligan, An Education
• Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds
• Supporting Actress: Mo'Nique, Precious
• Director: Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker
• Original Screenplay: Mark Boal, The Hurt Locker
• Adapted Screenplay: Jason Reitman & Sheldon Turner, Up In the Air
• Film Not in the English Language: A Prophet (France)
• Animated Film: Up
• Outstanding British Film: Fish Tank
• Outstanding Debut By a British Writer, Director or Producer: Duncan Jones, Moon (director)
• Music: Michael Giacchino, Up
• Cinematography: The Hurt Locker
• Editing: The Hurt Locker
• Production Design: Avatar
• Costume Design: The Young Victoria
• Sound: The Hurt Locker
• Special Visual Effects: Avatar
• Makeup & Hair: The Young Victoria
• Short Animation: Mother of Many
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Renee Zellweger Pregnant with Bradley Cooper’s Child?

It is being said that she is pregnant with her boyfriend Bradley Cooper’s child. Renée Kathleen has been dating Bradley Cooper since 2009.

She was spotted at the Berlin Film Festival
and the pictures on the red carpet shows a “baby bump”.

Neither Renee Zellweger nor Bradley Cooper have confirmed the reports.

More Series 5 Doctor Who Spoilers and Pictures

This post contains SPOILERS for Episode 6 in the next series of Doctor Who. You have been warned!

Here is an excerpt from the script of Vampires of Venice, written by Toby Whithouse, featuring: The Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill).