Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gossip Girl: Hollywood Whore [Preview]

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Stills from Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" video

'Green Lantern' Really, Really Loves Visible Musculature!!

It's not just Ryan Reynolds who will have visibly striated muscle in Martin Campbell's Green Lantern film: Abin Sur will too, apparently. /Film got this look at the bizarre effigy from Comic Con, where it was revealed that a creative decision has been made to seemingly remove the skin from Green Lantern's alien mentor. At least he's modest.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Julia Stiles talks about Dexter

Showtime remains tight-lipped about what's going down in the upcoming season of "Dexter," but recently cast Julia Stiles ("10 Things I Hate About You") opened up -- if only a tad -- about her new role and what drew her to the series.

"I watch a lot of shows on HBO and Showtime," Stiles tells the New York Times, "but I was sort of reluctant about working on one -- until 'Dexter' came along, because I also really love the way that they've set up these guest actors. There's always a really interesting arc that a guest needs to do."

It doesn't hurt that she comes on the heels of the series' most-praised guest to date. John Lithgow took home a Golden Globe for his supporting turn as the trinity killer, and that same role recently earned him an Emmy nomination for guest actor.

So will Stiles follow in his serial killer footsteps or might she provide some post-Rita love interest for newly widowed Dexter? It's still up in the air. But what we do know is that the character's name is Lumen, and she's described as "psychologically and physically damaged." Her introduction to the cast presents Dexter with a dilemma -- which sounds like it has love interest written all over it.

For now, the TV newbie just seems excited by the idea of playing a character over the course of a season. "In a weird way it reminds me of the making of the 'Bourne' movies," she says. "The script is always changing, so you might shoot a scene and then all of a sudden you are handed pages, and you have to memorize your lines really quickly. It's like acting in a vacuum a little bit. There's a different kind of challenge, but part of me really likes it."

You can catch Julia on "Dexter" when season 5 premieres September 26.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tom Felton to sing

We don’t yet know the details of Tom Felton’s new contract with record label Six String Productions, but, really, does it matter? Draco Malfoy is singing, here. And for the record, everything about that is righteous.

Felton is already an accomplished musician, having released bunches of folky-pop love songs on YouTube that are -- again, for the record -- adorable (so adorable we've embedded one after the break). There are scant few details about what kind of album Felton will release, other than the fact that he’s releasing it. But if Felton’s earlier recordings are any indication, we’re probably looking at an acoustic-guitar-centric, singer-songwriter groove.

Which is fine, really. It is. But if Felton doesn’t throw in at least one campy cover of a Beatles tune or a protest ballad, he’s missing a key opportunity.

Hollywood boasts a long history of actors from other massive franchises who have segued into music careers, but who have gone in a very different direction. We speak, of course, of camp.

By way of example: Brent Spiner’s "Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back," William Shatner’s cover of "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" and Leonard Nimoy’s rendition of "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins." Now, those guys all came out of "Star Trek," of course, and that’s sci-fi, not fantasy, but still, it’s genre, and it’s a fanboy favorite, and it’s close enough for our purposes.

All of the above efforts may not be the most serious examples of professional music-making, but we heart them. Heart them almost as much as we heart the idea of Draco Malfoy singing.

If Draco Malfoy wants to record only happy romantic guitar ballads about how he got his favorite girl to leave her cellphone at home -- and he has -- that’s awesome. But if he were to, say, fold in a campy song or two about space, or dragons, or unicorns, or -- as Shatner chose to do -- "Mr. Tambourine Man," that too would not go unthanked.

Roman Polanski makes first public appearance!

Director Roman Polanski, freed this week after Switzerland refused an U.S. extradition request, made his first public outing Saturday to see his wife perform at the Montreaux Jazz Festival.

High security prevented the media from getting close to the 76-year-old film director as he arrived to attend Emmanuelle Seigner's concert with festival founder Claude Nobs in a 4x4 with tinted windows.

Polanski had been under house arrest pending the U.S. demand, refused Monday, for him to be sent to California to face justice for unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

The director stayed out of sight throughout the concert, which Seigner began with the theme from Polanski's 1968 cult classic "Rosemary's Baby," in the only reference to her husband in the performance in the small town by Lake Leman.

Earlier Polanski had said he maintained "a great friendship for Switzerland and above all ... for its people who solidly supported me," in an interview with Swiss television, to be broadcast Saturday night.

"I do not know what I am going to do next," the Oscar-winning filmmaker said, according to the transcript of the interview on the website of Television Suisse Romande.

"For the moment, I am happy to be free."

The French-Polish director of "The Pianist" and "Chinatown" said his son Elvis had cut the electronic bracelet he had worn throughout his house arrest in Gstaad, adding that he "could easily have escaped but I never wanted to."

Polanski said he would return to Gstaad, the millionaires' playground in southeastern Switzerland where he has a luxury chalet, and thanked its inhabitants for bringing him flowers, wine and support.

He also thanked those who defended him, despite the controversy over his case, and his wife and children, "without whom I would never have succeeded in keeping my dignity and perseverance."

Polanski has not returned to the United States since 1977, when he fled after making a plea bargain in the child sex case. His last film, "The Ghost Writer," was set in the United States but filmed on location in Germany.


Spencer Pratt: I Chose Fame over Heidi

Spencer Pratt always has some strange new ploy for attention up his sleeve – but not his split from wife Heidi Montag.

That, he says, despite the fact that nobody has seen divorce papers and family and Hills castmates are skeptical, is the real deal.

"We love each other but I'm a famewhore and I'll never grow out of it." Pratt tells PEOPLE. "[Heidi] knows that and doesn't want that."

"I want every kind of press," he says. "She believes in bad press. There's no way my love for fame and her love for puppies will ever work out successfully. She just wants to hike and hang out and be calmer."

As for their infamous "Speidi," moniker, Pratt says his estranged wife "doesn’t want to be Speidi anymore. She wants to be Heidi Montag: the sex symbol."

"She thought I'd burn out of this, but no, I'm still the same Spencer who went on The Hills to be famous," he says. "I still need to do stunts and take cues from Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise.

Pratt, who mentions he and his ex are "friendly," says Speidi trouble is nothing new. "It's been a constant battle since we got married," he says. "She would be like, 'Are you really Tweeting that? Are you really doing that?'"

So what's next for the limelight-loving reality personality?

When fighting cyber crime fell through, Pratt says he decided to grow a beard and turn to art. "I'm switching it up," he says. "I've already gone for the blonde, spiky-haired look. Now I'm going for the Hollywood producer look."

Continues Pratt: "I'm an artist now. I have an easel and everything. I'm going for an art show and a gallery."